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EDPOP Mallet Page!

Welcome. This is my hammer page. This page is always out of date because I sell too many of these. I will try to keep it current but if you don't see one you like.... or are interested in buying one (or having a custom one made) contact me directly at and we'll go from there. They are all beautiful, completely crazy to have but I have made and sold nearly 500 so far so I must be doing something right.

If you want to buy direct, email me. If you want to go to an Art Fair where I will be selling these, follow me on facebook at and I'll tell you where I am next.

EDPOP MALLETS come in three basic categories;

1. The Designer Series. These are all incredibly unique all-hardwood mallets from some of the finest hardwoods, designed and created in incredibly unique ways. And make no mistake, they all are real woodworking mallets that will do some damage... but the way these look, why would you?

2. Working Mallets. You know, the ones that get the job done and are still incredible design pieces. They are more affordable and smaller for stuff around the house... like poundin' chicken, breaking coconuts and stuff like that.

3. The THUMPERS! Yes, these are the big boys. They can move foundations, pound the heck out of stuff or just plain do some whompin'. Everyone is huge and heavy and feels like nothing else when you pick one up. This is the gift your dad (or husband) does not need, but absolutely wants! And for you mothers out there... maybe they could just be 'Man Adjusters'.

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